1. I used regular paper and colored pencils. I used cool colors in order to enhance the structure.

2. The hardest part was matching the colors being that they all hand to blend well in order to make one complete picture.

3. The easiest part was drawing ths illustration because the structure was made of simple shapes. 

4. I think I was successful in this project because it was fun and interesting to me. I got to play around with various shaped and color schemes.

5. I think I deserve a 90+ because I met all criteria and executed everything I wanted to be shown. 

Retirement Home Potrait

1. I used various solid drawing pencils on standard white paper because the requirements for the potrait called for these tools.

2. The hardest part of the portrait was shading being that shading is my weakness, especially on a “picture of a picture”. Her whole body was exposed, not specific area requiring major detail.

3. The easiest part of the portrait was actually drawing the portrait because I utalized a grid.

4. I don’t think I was as successful as I would have liked due to my poor shading technique.

5. I think I deserve an 75-80+ being that I met the project requirements but i didn’t fully complete my shading.’

William Root Assignment & Poe Assessment

  1. In the 19th century, the higher someone’s ceilings was represented their affluence.
  2. After a family meal, the crumb cloth served as a vacuum for in those times.
  3. The main architectural framework for houses was called the plantation platform or the “I” plane.
  4. Many people kept ledgers of all their expenses and revenue.
  5. Due to the lack of refrigeration, pickling was the main method to preserve perishable food.


  1. ¨Who took in Poe and describe his upbringing?

Poe was taken in by a wealthy tobacco farmer John Allen, and his wife Francis Allen. Beloved by Francis and hated by John, Poe grew deprived of true appreciation and was only given necessary supplies. The tension between John and Poe grew until the day Poe was released from the Allen’s care in which he quickly survived on his own.

  1. ¨Why did Poe join the military and how well did he do?

He joined the war in order to avoid the debts he had collected. In the army, Poe was an “above average” soldier; neither too good nor too bad for his duties.

  1. Where did he go to college? Describe his experience there.

Poe went to the University of Virginia and was more interested in the arts rather than his books. Unlike today, the institute was quite dangerous and not as ideal, making it an undesirable school. He was not interested in the curriculum as much as in his crafts–swimming, painting, and writing.

  1. What subjects did Poe write about? What story did he create?


He wrote mostly detective stories, such as The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Tell Tale Heart. Many of his stories were gothic and revealed the motifs of disease, death, and diabolic characters. These dark works continued throughout his future, most notable writings.


  1. . What poem brought Poe fame? Was it a financial success?


The release of The Raven in January 1845 caused Poe to become and household name. Although his publishing was highly regarded and read, it was not a financial success; this can be credited to the backlash of Poe’s subjects he harshly criticized, whom were not willing to publish his book.


  1. What poem did Poe write for his wife?


Annabele Lee was written for Poe’s late wife, Virginia Clemm Poe who died prior to the publishing of the poem. The poem described the beautiful appearance and delightful soul of a young girl who was described by a man infatuated with her.

  1. Describe some events of his adolescence.


Some major events was Poe swimming 6 miles against the current of the Potomac River, watching his mother perform, and joining the army.


  1. How old was Poe when his mother died? What did she die from?


Poe was two-year old when Elizabeth Poe died of a long battle with tuberculosis.


  1. Who did he marry and what were the circumstances of the marriage?


He married his thirteen-year old cousin, Virginia Clemm (Poe) in which the conditions were he provide for his aunt, Maria Clemm. They also lied on their marriage license, stating Virginia was of age of consent.


  1. How, where, and what were the circumstances of Poe’s death?


Poe was found in an alley outside a bar with too small clothes and barely conscious. He kept repeating “Reynolds” without any further information of whom or what caused his conditions.







Tri Drawing

1. The mediums I used were black charcoal, colored pencil, and colored crayons (the one not pictured). I used these colors to contrast the somewhat bold background, various colors, and the numerous materials used in the collage. 

2. The hardest part was making the image pop because the background was noticeably vivid. It made me look at the image as a whole, being that I had to add-on to the interesting background.

3. The easiest part was making the background since I love piecing materials together whether it be collages or a whole image. 

4. I do not think I was as successful on this project since I’ve never had to layer my work and as a whole it was a learning experience. I could have used less glue for the background so it wouldn’t have been as hard to draw on. 

5. My grade should range from a 75-80 being that I could not find my last piece and my other work was not as clean as they should have been . My effort was there but my execution was lacking.

Potraits (Black History)

1) I used a combination of black paper and a white prisma color pencil to catch the contrasting lights and angle of the character I drew. Also, the strong features of my character needed to be highlighted therefore I used this combination.

2) The hardest part was the shading because it was “reversed” in a way. Instead of shading light to dark, I shaded dark to light and i relied on my eraser even further. 

3) The easiest part was drawing because of the grid I used to draw it. Instead of drawing a big picture, I drew numerous small pictures in various boxes.

4) I think I was somewhat successful because I drew to the best of my ability but the shading threw the picture off because I was not as skilled on flipping the roles.

5) My grade should range from a 85-90 because the process I took to accomplish the picture was very well situated, yet my execution was a lacking due to my shading.